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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 17, 2013 3:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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their lives to seeing that vision become reality. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. thanks for wauptching. hope to see you back here next week. hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. here are the top stories we're following in the cnn newsroom. british police say they've received new information about the death of princess diana and they're investigating it. a lab report from london seconds away. kidnapping survivor hannah anderson makes her first public appearance. hear about her demeanor and what her father is saying about her future. plus, it's a place detailed in sci-fi flicks, so where alien spaceships land and never leave? now the government reveals the truth about the super secret area 51. we start in london where police are looking into new
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information about the death of princess diana. they have not given any details about it, but they just announced today they are, quote, scoping information that has recently been received, end quote. atika schubert will be joining us shortly with more information on what british police are willing to reveal. in the meantime, here in the u.s., the beaver creek wildfire in idaho is still raging, and the blaze has continued to spread, sending massive walls of fire perilously close to homes and resorts in the sun valley area. some 64,000 acres have already been destroyed. at least 1600 homes have been evacuated, and idaho governor butch otter is urging other residents to leave, saying firefighters need to fight the fire, not go on rescue missions. cold and wet. you could say that. friday was the coldest august day ever recorded in atlanta and the southeast. overall it's being pelted by
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rain again today. jennifer delgado, where is all this water going? >> well, fredricka, flooding once again the big story across parts of the southeast. look at this video coming in to us out of bloomington, north carolina. this is showing you the result of heavy rainfall in a short period of time. residents apparently can't get through their neighborhoods because the roadways are so bad. over to our graphics here. you can see these totals have been really impressive. we're talking 4 to 6 inches across parts of florida as well as into georgia, and more rain is on the way. and that's why we have these flood watches and warnings in place for today and even through tomorrow, because the ground is just so saturated. the rain keeps coming down. of course, that is what leads to flooding. as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours, we're still going to pick up another 2 to 4 irchlnchf rainfall. anywhere you see in the red and orange, we could potentially see 6 inches of rainfall coming down in the next four days.
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ed -- the flooding coming out of wilmington is possible. this system now has a 30% chance of tropical development, but this is causing all our problems up here, because we're getting that moisture, that tropical connection, and that is fueling moisture, and it's just been enhanced right along that stationary front, and that's why we're dealing with all these flooding woes. as we go through today as well as tomorrow, we'll start to see that boundary system lifting up a bit more towards the north, ask that mea and that means areas of rainfall in atlanta and areas of south carolina. of course, in a wider view, we still have a threat for fires to burn out in the west. that includes idaho where they're dealing with a fire there, and it looks like some red flag warnings in place with wind gusts expected up to 30 miles an hour. fredricka? >> thank you so much, jennifer delgado. let's get back to london where police are looking at new information regarding the death
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of princess diana. atica schubert joining us now. what do we now know? >> they're scoping it for its relevance and culpability, and that its specialist in crime operations command will now take a look at this information. they have also made it clear that they are not at this point reopening the investigation into her death, but of course, with this new information, there is always the possibility of them reopening that investigation in the future. so that's all we have at the moment. there have, of course, been numerous investigations into her death, and in 2007, there was actually a judge-led inquiry that basically said it was the negligence of her driver and of the paparazzi vehicles that were following her that caused her death in that terrible car crash in paris. and it happened nearly 16 years ago. in fact, the anniversary of her
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death is august 31st. so the timing of this information coming out and quite sensitive, and as you can imagine, there is a lot of speculation now on twitter and all sorts of social media. >> thank you so much, atika. keep us posted when you do get more information. meanwhile, diana's son, prince william, is headed back to work this week after taking time off following the birth of his son, prince george. before going back to his job at the royal air force, he sat down with cnn's max foster to talk about his new baby, his wife catherine, and his most important title of dad. you can see parts of the interview monday morning on "new day" beginning at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. new jersey could be on the verge of expanding medical marijuana options for patients, including children. governor chris christie said yesterday he'll sign off on a bill if a few changes are first made. it's a big win for one father who has been fighting to get edible marijuana for his
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two-year-old daughter vivian. she has a seizure disorder and other drugs have not helped. alena cho joins me live from new york with more on this. alena, what are some of the changes the governor wants? >> reporter: fred, as you know, this is a story that's been getting a lot of attention the past week. basically, governor chris christie has sent this medical marijuana bill back to the state legislature after it sat on his desk for a couple of months. he is now saying he will sign it if edible forms of marijuana are approved, but only for mine oor. in order to qualify, parents would still have to give approval as well as a qualifying subscription from a qualifying doctor. there are 250 qualifying doct s doctors. the father of little vivian, the girl you just saw there in the video, who confronted our
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governor this week, told wolf blitzer last night. watch. >> it makes a lot of headache and heartache for parents to shop around for doctors who understand anything about medical marijuana to get them to sign up for this. so for parents who are already going through a lot of trouble just with what their children's ailments are, they now have to go through that extra step that you don't have to go through for any other medication. >> governor christie would also want to keep in place a provision that would put no limits whatsoever on the numbers of strains of medical marijuana that new jersey can dispense. that is very good news for two-year-old vivian and other children like her. vivian, in case you have not heard, has a rare form of epilep epilepsy. it causes severe seizures. sometimes they can last up to an hour long. she's on a special diet, special medication. but her parents strongly believe that the only thing that will control this, the only remedy, is this special form of medical
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marijuana. if the state legislature goes along with christi's suggestions, christie says he will sign the bill. it's entirely possible that if the governor signs the bill, the medical marijuana that vivian and other children need, could be available for these families as early as september, so next month. >> that's actually pretty quick. i know for a lot of folks who have been waiting for so long. thank you very much, alena cho. it is indeed the story everyone has been talking about. is marijuana harmful or helpful? cnn's dr. sanjay gupta cuts through the story. she was rescued in the wilderness in idaho last saturday, a week after a family friend allegedly abducted her. on thursday night her family and friends held a fundraiser for
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her. as casey wian reports, she looked uncomfortable. >> she headed past a dozen cameras or more without speaking to reporters. once she was inside, she felt more comfortable. what she really wanted to do was support those people who have supported her throughout her ordeal and who continue to support her moving forward. >> this night was an unexpected reunion, honestly. all our friends were here. it was like we haven't skipped a beat. >> the media was invited to the boll weevil restaurant but were not invited day to day. wearing hannah strong t-shirts,
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the parents and grandparents helped raise money for their funeral. >> i want to thank all of you for coming. this is a smaller community. >> what has it meant for this community to have to go through this horrible ordeal? >> it's horrible what that guy did. it sickening to me. i just want to put it all to rest. >> cash donations and 20% of all. right now we're just looking for h her. >> a family has had to adjust while they search for the little girl. meanwhile, we're learning more information about what police
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discovered at didmaggio's burned-down home. police discovered a handwritten note and letters from hannah. police said it proves. police believe the house fire was caused by human actions. given what we've learned about hannah anderson's kidnapping, some of the other items that were seized by police, sle, v y very. and lots of ammunition. fredricka? >> so tonight the full story of this unimaginable crime and rescue. cnn brings you the dramatic details and heroic rescue. it might have been good therapy for her, but being too open on the internet can put
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16-year-old hannah anderson surprised people when she spoke out on line just days after she was rescued from a traumatic alleged kidnapping. just a few days after her ordeal, she answered questions on social media site one person asked if she is glad the fbi agents killed the man accused of kidnapping her, james deimagi demaggio, and her answer? absolutely. is she answering too many questions and why is she answering to people she doesn't even know? we talked about that earlier today. >> they sshe may not feel comfo at this time talking to an adult. she may not be comfortable talking to her father. she may not feel she has the emotional control talking to a therapist. so she turns to the internet, something she does feel comfortable with, something she
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probably has daily in her structure. i know that's hard to understand, but i'm pleased she's not in isolation, that she's reaching out on some level trying to rejoin the living, breathing world. >> the internet might be helping hannah readjust, but it also can be a very dangerous place for young people. two girls from canada were allegedly driven to suicide by sexual predators they met on line. police say tech people are getting more bold and savvy. we talked about ways to protect your children. >> there are two specific things i want to point out. the first is when we talk about young people trying to explore their sexuality, a lot of people are taking self-pictures that they think are provocative. they think they're sending it to another 15-year-old, 14-year-old. >> i don't even understand that. why are you doing that? >> and you know how difficult it is to have these conversations with young people, but tell them
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it's not just your friends looking at that. there are predators getting information from those photos. a lot of it is going on realtime on line with these young people. they believe they're only speaking with each other. they believe they're only on video with each other, and it is not. it is an open forum that many people who you don't want to have access have access to it. let's deal with young children. the most anecdotal thing, we can't talk about their cases. in terms of examples, they're talking about examples in kids as young as five or six. parents are saying, are they unsupervised? parents don't think they're unsupervised. but they're saying if you would not leave your child alone in a park at five or six, do not leave them with an internet device that's hooked to a camera anywhere in the house unless you can see them. if you're not going to leave them alone on the swings and drive away, do not leave them at
3:18 pm
home. >> you have to look in every now and then, just to make sure. be involved, if anything, so you don't feel like you're just being a helicopter parent. >> like my kids, when it's too boring in the house, go upstairs and look in the closet. >> all great advice but scary as well. egyptian security forces move in on protesters occupying a mosque. we'll tell you how the crackdown ended, coming up. but first, a hotel's trash can be a homeland's treasure if cnn heroes gets involved. talking about a ton of stuff that would have ended up in new york's landfills is now helping millions of people live better. >> housekeeping. >> on a day to day basis, there are tons of items that are thrown away. it's shocking to understand how
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far we've come. i was doing volunteering, and i saw how desperate people were in need of all those types of things, and i thought to myself how i could be that connection, that matchmaker. my name is judson kinnican. a lot of great stuff in here. we partner with over 40 hotels, we work with dozens of companies. >> fantastic. that's a lot of showers right there. they're going to love this. >> the access from corporations is always great because there is always an average overage for a damaged project. >> people in chicago are really
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benefitting from this. >> two or three if you got 'em. >> men and women struggling with issues of poverty, they have enough personal dignity as anyone else. anyone looking good and feeling good is important. it's a simple concept but it's very labor expensive. when this is empty, give me a call, i'll come pick it up. >> and if i can improve people's lives, it's a double bonus. >> we need your help to find more inspiring people like judson. nominate someone you know who is making a difference and who appears to be recognized. ♪
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there are more disclosures about a surveillance program. a new report in the "washington post" says the agency may have violated privacy laws thousands of times. dan lothian has details. >> revelations in the "washington post" raise new questions about whether the snooping violates privacy laws, and comes just a week after president obama trumpeted safeguards that he says helped minimize the risk to americans' privacy. >> checks are in place. and those abuses would be against the law and would be against the orders of the fiske. >> reporter: an internal nsa audit in other top secret files revealed there were more than 2,000 violations in the recent 12-month period, mostly
3:25 pm
unintentional. the nsa says when mistakes are made, the agency reports the issue internally and to federal overseers and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. but the new report raises concerns about that balance of power. the "washington post" reported the chair of the senate intelligence committee diane feinstein wasn't even aware of the audit until it was reported in the paper. feinstein disputes that, but in a statement admitted that the committee can and should do more to independently verify that nsa's operations are inappropriate and that its awareness of incidents are accurate. and the top judge on the secretive court that approves surveillance programs says judges aren't able to independently verify whether the government violates the law, saying they are, quote, forced to rely upon the accuracy of the information that is provided to the court. critics have been demanding more oversight. >> why is the government spying on its own people?
3:26 pm
>> reporter: and even prominent democrats are troubled. nancy pelosi called the new report extremely disturbing. congressman jim lanchovan deeply concerned. the trust seemed to widen after director of intelligence james clapper in a senate hearing last march. >> does the nsa collect any type of data on millions or hundreds of millions of americans? >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. there are cases where they could inadvertently perhaps collect, but not wittingly. >> reporter: james clapper reportedly apologized for what it called erroneous testimony. they said, quote, this committee is committed to making sure
3:27 pm
privacy laws are adhered to and looking for ways to enhance the operations. this is no less bringing out issues of privacy and security. the government now admits area 51 does exist. ahead, we'll tell you about newly released details on the supersecret site. the great outdoors...
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british police say they are now looking into new information about princess diana's death. she was killed in a car crash almost 16 years ago in france. police say they are assessing if information they recently received is relevant and credible, but they didn't give any other details. according to the british press association, the new information might include an allegation that princess diana was murdered by a member of the british military. again, police have not given specifics, that coming from another report, but they say they are looking into everything. we'll have more information from london coming up. in egypt, security forces have secured and cleared a mosque in cairo. they clashed this morning with protesters who support ousted president mohamed morsi. the demonstrators had been holed up in the mosque overnight and were surrounded by security
3:31 pm
forces. state tv reports that more than a thousand muslim brotherhood members have been arrested. both sides are blaming each other for starting the violence. president obama is dealing with the crisis in egypt while on vacation. the president is in martha's vineyard with his family. today is his last full day off there. he heads back to the white house tomorrow. for generations, we have heard about area 51, the place in nevada that's synonymous in popular culture with government secrecy and ufos. well, it turns out it does exist. as cnn's dan simon shows us, it's been one of the biggest worst kept secrets of the cia. >> reporter: hollywood has long shown an obsession with area 51. >> welcome to earth. >> reporter: from aliens to ufos, it helped fuel a perception that the government has been holding onto top secret information about this remote facility in the nevada desert. until now, it had only really
3:32 pm
existed in places like "the x files" on television. but newly released cia documents officially acknowledge the site for the first time. annie jacobsen spent several years researching area 51, publishing her findings in a book. >> this has kind of become a national pastime and a great debate, you know, about aliens. and the locuk locus of this is 51. >> if you're looking for talk about spaceships, you'll be disappointed. instead it says area 51 was a testing site for aerial va surveillance during the cold war. it's likely to cause more fascination about this mystical place. >> i think any document that comes out about area 51 stirs the pot of intrigue. people are inherently fascinated
3:33 pm
with area 51. it says so much about national security secrets. so i think any new release makes people even more interested. >> reporter: the documents obtained through a public records request by an academic researcher may put an end to questions about the site's existence. but experts like former cia officer bob bear, who calls it one of the agency's biggest secrets, says the debate will rage on about whether we're really alone. >> this isn't going to go away. the myths about area 51 will always be out there. i don't even know what went on there. i was in the cia a very long time, and people that worked out there have told me recently they didn't know all that was going on there, so there's sort of, you know, secrets within secrets, and it will always remain a mystery and always remain a place of fascination. >> dan simon, cnn, san francisco. and she was paralyzed from the waist down, but you'll never believe what this bride did on
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now for a story of love, faith and the will to overcome. it happened at a wedding after an accident seven years ago, stevie bale was paralyzed from the waist down, but that didn't stop her from living life to the fullest. she got married and kept her promise to walk down the aisle. it's a ceremony none of her wedding guests will ever forget. flanked by her father and her trainer, stevie walked down the aisle using a walker. nick baldwin talked to the couple this week as they enjoyed their honeymoon in hawaii. >> it was pretty incredible. i mostly tried not to really let
3:38 pm
myself think about it or get too emotional because i never would have made it to the end of the aisle. but it was almost like the whole accident was coming full circle, and i was defeating everything that doctors and people told me would never happen, and just keeping a promise to myself more than anything was amazing. >> you looked absolutely gorgeous, by the way, and i understand that this guy sitting next to you played a pretty big role in helping you sort of regain just this confidence, this ability to do this. engine jerod, how did you two meet? >> well, a mutual friend, who became a mutual friend eventually, a good friend of mine, her daughter was injured in a pretty severe train accident about three and a half years ago. i did just kind of everything i could to make sure i was there for her, make sure she had what she needed.
3:39 pm
and through her and through that accident, stevie and i sort of crossed paths because of teri. she kind of made it a point to make sure that we met and exchanged phone numbers because she kind of thought from day one that her and i would be good together. and apparently we were. >> so because of someone's tragedy, you two met and fell in love. congratulations, really, again to both of you. and stevie, i understand you're helping talk to a lot of people who have gone through similar accidents as you have. what's next for you? master's program, i hear? >> yeah. i will be attending the university of toledo in the fall to get my master's in counseling, and i hope to become a counselor of teenagers who have been through tragic events in their life just to kind of let them know that, you know, i've been there and you can get through this. it may not be tomorrow, it may take years, but it does get better. >> stevie and jared, thank you
3:40 pm
two so much. enjoy hawaii. such an inspiration. guess what, they are everywhere, but sinkholes are rarely seen until it's too late. we'll give you a look at what causes sinkholes and what they look like from the inside. a man born with a disability has beaten the odds to hit one out of the park. syracuse chiefs announcer jason beneti couldn't play baseball as a kid, but as our chief correspondent dr. sanjay gupta reports, that never kept him out of the game. >> it's wednesday night at the ballpark in syracuse, new york, and the syracuse chiefs, they're taking a beating from the scranton wilkes-bury red riders.
3:41 pm
beneti has been the voice of the chiefs now for four years and he has a rare following. few would recognize him off the field, but when they do meet him, they're surprised. beneti has a rare form of cerebral palsy. it has caused him to walk with a slight limp. he's had it since he was a toddler and has lived with the stares. he thinks that's why he gravitated towards radio work. then he learned that meeting people in person gave him strength. he's got a journalism degree from syracuse university and a law degree from wake forest, and he now realizes his condition is something to be proud of, not something to hide. he now does play by play on television as well. >> if my look is an issue for somebody on television, great. i'm going to change your mind. >> but life for beneti is not
3:42 pm
just about sports. he knows he can make a difference, especially when it comes to inspiring young people with disabilities. this weekend he sponsored a group called chat, children who can't speak but use dance to communicate. he gets great satisfaction out of kids making a connection. >> all you do is tell us what happened, and there you go. >> it's fantastic. i love seeing the light bulb go off for people because many light bulbs have gone off for me. >> an adjunct professor at su, beneti would eventually like to write more and live by the water. but for now, life is full of locker rooms, player interviews and books of stats. >> mesa is safe! >> and for beneti, he would have it no other way. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. ur heart,
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do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. in the death of princess diana, police say today they're looking at new information. atika schubert is live for us in london, so what have you learned? >> reporter: british police are saying they're scoping this information out, assessing it
3:46 pm
for its credibleness. at this point they're not reopening the investigation, although that may be reopened at some point in the future. we understand from the british press association that the information comes from the parents-in-law of a former soldier and that the information was handed to the police by the royal military police. so we do know a little bit more about the source of the information, but we don't know exactly what that information is. now, all of this comes amid all kinds of speculation. you might remember when she died in 1997 in that car crash, there was a lot of speculation, including public allegations, that she had been murdered. and so we understand, according to the british press association, that this information is about that allegation of murder. but at this point, we don't have any details on exactly what that information is. >> in the meantime, atika, does the british police, don't they always get a lot of information as it pertains, perhaps, to the
3:47 pm
late diana? >> they do get a lot of information. so what makes this interesting is the fact that first of all, they feel clearly it's important for them to make a statement, and also it's been 16 years, and a lot of the information, a lot of that speculation had really been put to rest in 2007 with a judge-led inquiry, with an 800-page police investigation that said this was basically a very violent and tragic accident, and it was due to the negligence of her driver and the paparazzi that were chasing her into that tunnel in paris. so a lot of people felt the speculation was over. so now to have this come up again years later, it's a shock to a lot of people here. >> all right, keep us posted from london. and next hour, sanjay gupta, m.d. what do you have for us, sanjay? >> fred, i'm going to have much more of my investigation into medical marijuana and also how it may have saved the life of one little girl. also, details on a ground-breaking new test to
3:48 pm
diagnose alzheimer's. perhaps a full decade before the onset of memory loss. and five foods you should never eat. some of them you would never guess. i've got all that and much more ahead, 4:30 eastern. at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it? hello? hello?! if your bank doesn't let you talk to a real person 24/7, you need an ally. hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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you may remember earlier this week part of a disney resort collapsed into the ground. the cause, yet another florida sinkhole swallowing the earth and buildings above. sinkholes continue to draw headlines in the sunshine state and now have drawn our david mattingly to look for the inside story, literally. >> reporter: it's just a few short steps down to an incredible underground site. >> this was the original cavity that eventually collapsed in. >> reporter: a massive sinkhole
3:52 pm
carved out of solid limestone by drops of water. so this is what a sinkhole looks like from the inside? >> from the inside, yes. before you fill it up with sand and dirt. >> reporter: and if someone were living right on top of this, they'd be at risk. >> yes. >> reporter: geologist jerry black says residents might be surprised to find out how common these are. what are the chances of someone having a house in central florida and living on top of something like this? >> very good. not probably as close to the surface as this, but you definitely have a cavity, cavities of this size all over the state of florida. >> reporter: fossils in this sinkhole show it's been around since the ice age, but no different than the sink holes we see opening up today. these are just a few of his pictures. but one thing they all have in common is water. >> rainwater is going to turn into groundwater. that's the device that dissolves the limestone and will help
3:53 pm
create these cavities. >> reporter: what is unusual about this sinkhole, it's easy to get inside. called the devil's den, it's open to tourists for viewing and diving, and dive instructor prince johnson takes me under for a look. i find that this seemingly placid pool of water is anything but. >> the water has gone down considerably, because of the aquaph aquaphor, but it's risen, tropical storm, risen another 45 feet. >> 45 feet? >> 45 feet? >> the water is constantly going up and down, depending on the -- right. >> reporter: it's silently reeked havoc. i passed by limestone boulders s bolders sitting on the ground kpouded by water. >> pressively dropping yearly. that's the state of florida, auk
3:54 pm
if a sf aqua sfor gphor is getting lowe lower. >> a single people of sunlight reveals the cavern is bigger below the water line with passageways deep into the darkness. most disturbing could be the view from up top. the round soap deceptively small. little indication of the cavern that's just beneath my feet. until a hole like this opens up, there's really no warning. is there? >> correct. it is -- it is that random and that sudden and it can happen obviously overnight or at any time. >> reporter: it can and it does. with thousands of sinkholes opening up in florida every year. david mattingly, cnn, florida. all right. he had a $50 million contract, and was on top of the comedy world. then disappeared from stage.
3:55 pm
now, schappelle is making anothr move.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
how many of you walk away from a $50 dollar contract? comedian dave schappelle did it several years saying he was burned out. apparently he's ready to get back onstage. here's cnn's michelle turner. >> some are calling this a
3:58 pm
comeback kicking off a new comedy tour in austin, texas, next week. head lining funnier guys in curiosity festival playing in 15 cities around the country. this tour also includes a host of popular comedians but to many people this is the biggest project that chappelle has been involved with since he walked away from his hit comedy central show and a $50 million salary back in 2005. he just said he was burned out at the time. this tour has chappelle fans hoping that he's ready to do more high-profile projects, because he's basically just been making appearances at comedy clubs since his show went off the air. by the way, if you're wondering, according to the people that have seen him perform recently, he's still got it. fred, back to you. >> still funny. all right. good job. thanks so much. let's go to hayward, california, now, where they a little demolition this morning.
3:59 pm
that was the cal state east kamps building. workers brought the building down because it was built too close a fault line and considered vulnerable to earthquakes. not to be outdone, demolition experts in dayton, ohio, brought down a 12 story building sandwiched between two other buildings. wow. was that close. the 100-year-old building was demolished to make way for a condo development. and a touching moment at the zoo, as this adorable giant panda cub -- awe -- first to be born in taiwan meets her mother for the first time since her birth. how sweet. these are the newest images of the panda cub who was born last month at the zoo, and caretakers had been watching her around the clock. oh -- so tender and tiny. all right. that's for me.
4:00 pm
i'm fredricka whitfield. and you're in the "cnn newsroom." i'm pamela brown filling in for don lemon. great have you with us on this saturday. we turn first to idaho where more than 2,000 people have been forced from their homes by a raging wildfire near the sun valley resort. just take a look at these flames here whipped by high winds there today, and there is a new mandatory evacuation order for folks in the towns of ketchum and haley. the sheriff office put it this way, take your belongings and go now. the wildfire already scorched 64,000 acres at least. more than 600 firefighters are trying to control the blaze at this hour and the fire is threatening second homes and people like arnold schwarzenegger, tom hanks and bruce willis. i want to go straight to the fire line and catch them where we find kivi reporter roland
4:01 pm
barris standing by there. hey there, roland. i know that firefighters have a lot of obstacles they're dealing with now trying to contain this fire. what are they doing to hold it back? >> reporter: well, tell you what, today they're expecting terrible weather conditions. it's a red flag warning out there. high winds, higher than yesterday, considered to be a critical day and also what's called a number six haze index, which means the instability in the atmosphere is huge and really hard for them to control. at this point what they're doing, putting fire trucks in neighborhoods all over the place. in hayley hailey and ketchum as thing start to heat up. >> what about homes damaged, injuries, that kind of thing. >> reporter: it says about the firefighters the fact this is the number one fire in the country right now. they've brought in tons of resources and have protected
4:02 pm
structures very well. only one home has burned so far. no homes, no structures, burned last night, very significant. a huge influx of firefighters from around the country, another 1,000 expected today that are coming in to the hailey area. you wouldn't believe the campsite set up down there for all the firefighters, but they're doing an excellent job of controlling the blaze at this point, which is trying to work its way up the highway 75 corridor into ketchum. that's the real worry today. >> absolutely. hopefully people are helping to make their job a little easier by heeding warnings and evacuating the area. roland, appreciate your report. thank you. >> reporter: you bet. much of the country is having a soggy summer. the southeast is getting slammed once again this weekend and there's a danger of flash flooding as already dredged ground takes on more water. we have a look at what to expect. >> reporter: pamela, the big weather story today, flooding once again across parts of the south east and some locations we're expecting over the next 48
4:03 pm
hours two to four inches of rainfall. anywhere you see it in orange and brown, potentially six inches of rainfall. yes, more flooding woes for sure for parts of the southeast. you see all the flood watching in place in green. a lot of these are going to last until tomorrow. we have flood warnings out there, and this is in anticipation of the heavy rainfall, the ground is just so saturated. and why is this a big problem across the southeast? we're following a disturbance in the gulf of mexico, and this system here has a 30% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone. problem is, all the convection and thunderstorm activity to the north of that center location and this is fueling all of that moisture providing that flow right on top of this stationary front. that's causing all the problems across parts of the southeast and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. as we go through today, tonight, as well as tomorrow, that's stationary front, it's going to continue to linger across the region squeezing out more rainfall and eventually lift up towards the north, but not before we get more rain.
4:04 pm
now the west, you actually need the rain, but in idaho, still a lot of red flag warnings out there and that means we're dealing with wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. in addition to that, single digit relative humidity value. certainly not what we want to see across that region. pamela? >> making it difficult for the firefighters out there. thank you so much. jennifer delgado. meantime, scotland yard is looking into stunning new information about the 1997 deaths of princess diana and her boyfriend dodi fayed. this is not a reinvestigation but the specialist crime and operations command will assess the new information. the british press association reports the new information includes the allegation that diana and al fayed were murdered by a member of the british military. the pair died following a high-speed crash in paris as their mercedes was followed by paparazzi, you'll remember, and that ended in 2008, an inquest, the deaths were grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles and the
4:05 pm
mercedes. britain's prince swm headed back to work this week after taking time off follows birth of his son prince george. before going back to work to his job at the royal air force, he sat down with max foster to talk about his wife kathryn, his n newborn and talk about being a dad. a horrible tragedy for one family in ind. this fiery highway crash, take a look. we're going to show you right here. it killed four children and three adults, all relatives from the same extended family. police say during a traffic backup, a big rig rammed their suv from behind knocking it into another tractor trailer truck. all seven people in that suv died. one of the truck drivers was hospitalized and the other was not hurt. the death toll continues to rise in egypt. clashes broke out between security forces and protesters holed up in a mosque. we're going to take you to cairo for a live update right after
4:06 pm
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are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. and in egypt today, troops crack down on a place protest
4:09 pm
verse been using as a save haven pap mosque in central cairo. you can see security forces kicked and fought their way inside that mosque and forced everybody out. they fired weapons at the mosque itself. an explosive few days there in egypt. more than 700 people reported dead in street battles between the military and crowds of egyptians who want their elected president mohamed morsi back in office. covering the violence for us over the past few days, reza, what's the situation there? is the standoff completely over? >> reporter: the standoff is over. a number of people were detained. a number of people were let go, and now what the interim government is doing is trying to create the impression that things have calmed down and the country is moving forward according to plans. the interim president's adviser held a news conference and
4:10 pm
confidentially declared egypt is as united add ever and most egyptians have the same vision for the future of egypt and he blamed extremists for the nearly 800 people who have been killed over the past six weeks and suggested the most pressing problem egypt is facing today is a war on terrorism. now, based on the events of the past six weeks some might question that assertion, but when you have an intense conflict like this, there's always an information war and you get the impression that this government is pushing forth in making gains in that information war where both sides want to portray themselves as the good guys and the other guys as the bad guys. they're pushing forward, this war on terrorism narrative, and also being very critical of anyone who's not sync with that narrative and that includes the international media. here's some of what the interim president's adviser had to say earlier today. >> we are not facing any political struggle. we are facing war. war waged by extreme forces.
4:11 pm
>> reporter: before the adviser to the president took the podium, journalists at a news conference today were shown a movie, a five-minute movie, where we saw mutilated bodies. buildings that were attacked in the movie, suggestions it was elements within the muslim brotherhood responsible for those incidents, but yet again, the government not providing hard evidence linking those incidents to the leadership of the muslim brotherhood and the muslim brotherhood organization, pamela, but there certainly is hard evidence they're really aggressively pushing this war on terrorism narrative in an apparent effort to justify this deadly crackdown that we've seen against the muslim brotherhood and their supporters over the past few days. >> of course, the muslim brotherhood also trying to push their narrative as well, reza, in light of this, do you see the violence being tamped down at all in the coming days? you know, we heard from president obama asking for both
4:12 pm
sides to come together and reach a peaceful resolution. do you see that happening at all there? >> reporter: yeah. you've touched on a couple of points there. first off, based on what we heard today at the news conference, it is highly unlikely. my impression is virtually impossible for mohamed morsi the former president to be reinstated again and it's going to take a miracle for senior muslim brotherhood leaders to be part of the next political landscape, because they're increasingly being linked to allegations of terrorism. as far as whether the violence is going to be clamped down, the next few days are going to be telling. will the security forces, will this government, have the capacity to tamp down on the muslim brotherhood and these demonstrations? will the muslim brotherhood go away quietly? for now they're saying they're coming back to demonstrate. we'll keep an eye on things in the coming days. >> and hearing government authorities considering banning the muslim brotherhood altogether. the situation still unfolding there in egypt. reza, thank you.
4:13 pm
there seems to be two sides to a suspected killer and kidnapper. james dimaggio accused of killing her mother and brother and kidnapping hannah anderson. and inventing a device to help fight cancer, oenly 19 yeas old. dr. sanjay gupta introduce us to the so-called "next list ". >> reporter: this week we talk to two remarkable innovators, bringing his unique design to the skyline of manhattan. >> this is the project, it's a tilt from being horizontal to being almost vertical opening up the entire corridor for the sun and the bottom like the southwest corner is 42 inches. so it's really the height of the handrail and here you have like 430 feet. you have this sort of
4:14 pm
incredible -- from the human scale to the city scale in one single building. >> reporter: it's the kind of idea when you see it, you say, how come nobody's thought of it before? and nobody thought a 19-year-old could come up with an anti-terror device or a new technology to fight cancer. that is, until taylor wilson came along. >> i've always been really passionate about solving problems and passionate about changing the human condition. i want to change lives and save lives. and i think my technologists can do that. >> announcer: the "next list" agents of change is brought to you by university of phoenix. let's get to work, and by -- lexus, the golden opportunity sales convenient is here, but don't wait. like all golden opportunities, this one is fleeting. go to for more stories of people changing the way we think. people like, maria salazar,
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suspending one of its football team's top players over a rape case that stunned the campus. police accused chris boyd and two others of trying help cover up an alleged rape at the school advising players indicted last week. four our vanderbilt players are linked to the rape itself. all four were kicked off the team and suspended from the school. kidnapping survivor hannah anderson is trying to be strong one week after fbi agents rescued her and killed her captor and longtime family friend, her first public appearance at a fund-raiser held for her near san diego. bizarre new details emerging about the case. letters from hannah among things seized from the scene. that hannah and dimaggio called each other 13 times before he
4:19 pm
killed her mother and brother and then kidnapped hannah. they say hannah was a victim and not a willing participant. an unstable childhood. dimaggios father an abusive man addicted to methamphetamine. new details on the man accused of kidnapping hannah and killing her mother and brother. >> he was sort of the guy in the middle of the group of friends. >> reporter: this man knew james dimaggio and her sister for half a dozen years. he calls the technician at the scripps research institute quite simply a normal guy. >> he wasn't loud or outgoing and he wasn't shy and retreative or ice lative. he was very much the friendly guy that just was along for the ride, but didn't really stick out one way or the other. nothing odd about him. >> reporter: at least that's what everyone thought. dimaggio grew up like the andersons in the san diego suburbs. his sister and mother, his
4:20 pm
parents were divorced, and his father was not a stable influence. >> the father was a methamphetamine addict and that is a cruel drug that makes people delusional, it can make them violent. it can make them very abusive, both just physically also emotionally. >> reporter: his friend says e they were protected from some of it until their mother died. they lived with their faushgs a car salesman where they suffered years of abuse. >> he was abandoned, leave them with macaroni and cheese, boxes of it. jim would go out and catch fish to feed him and his sister. >> tonight, cnn brings you dramatic details of hannah's kidnapping. anderson cooper's special report airs tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern time.
4:21 pm
new jersey could soon make it easier for kids to have access to medical marijuana. up next, meet the family who's pressured the governor to change that law.
4:22 pm
4:23 pm
4:24 pm
pamela, much more of my investigation into medical marijuana including the story how it may have saved the life of one little girl. also, dame details on a groundbreaking new test for alzheimer's and five foods you should never eat including some you'd never guess. all that and much more ahead at 4:30 eastern. >> thank you, sanjay. governor chris christie may be on the kreverge of expanding medical marijuana for patients. he said yesterday he would sign off on a medical marijuana bim if a few specific changes are made to that bill. the issue gained traction this week after the father of a sick child confronted christie and demanded action.
4:25 pm
the father is fighting to get edible marijuana for his 2-year-old little girl who has a seizure disorder. other parents have asked christie to help their sick children as well. alina cho spoke to an emotional mother in new jersey. >> reporter: 14-year-old jackson storms is totally fine one minute, eating his lunch, and the next, he's on the floor suffering from a seizure. jackson has a severe form of epilepsy. >> he can be doing about having fun, playing basketball, jumping on the tamp lien and boom harks a seizure. that's brain damage. that's a traumatic brain injury. like having a car crash. he's had eight today. >> reporter: also a nurse, the mom tried everything. >> this right here is his medicine he takers day. morning, afternoon, evening. >> reporter: nothing works. >> good job. go slow. good job. >> reporter: the only remedy that does work she says without severe side effects is an edible
4:26 pm
form of medical marijuana. something she was able to give her son last year when they visited california. >> speak went up. cognition went up. >> reporter: problem is, this special strain of medical marijuana legal in california so far is illegal in new jersey, where they live. the story gained national attention this week when an angry father of a 2-year-old girl, vivian who has the same condition as jackson, confronted new jersey's governor chris christie with cameras rolling. >> please, don't let my daughter die, governor. don't let my daughter die. >> reporter: two days later governor christie sent a medical marijuana bill sitting on his desk two months back to legislature saying he would sign it under these conditions. edible forms of marijuana allowed but only for minors. in order to qualify, parents would still be required to get approval from a pediatrician and a psychiatrist as well as a prescription from a qualifying
4:27 pm
doctor. christie would also want to keep in place a provision placing no limits on the strains of marijuana new jersey could dispersons. >> so it's -- a strain sell and edibles are allowed? we won. jack can get his medication in new jersey. the side effects of the drugs my son's on now, death and anorexia. diarrhea, insomnia. side effect of marijuana is lethargy and irritability. i'll take that. any day of the week. you know, quality of life is going to be huge. i was told by the doctors way back when my son wasn't past the age of 2. amazing. he's a gift. he deserves treatment. >> alina cho joins us live now. so, alina, a lot of parents like the mother that you interviewed, very anxious for this to become law. how soon do we think this could happen? >> as you know, pamela, the governor has urged lawmakers to act swiftly on this measure.
4:28 pm
once the state legislature agrees to the governor's proposed change, governor christie says he will sign the bill into law right away, and if all of this is done quickly, this special strain of medical marijuana could actually be available in new jersey legally as early as next month. now, for people like jackson's mom jenny, this means everything. right now jenny storm says she can't go anywhere with her son, because of his severe seizure, but if he's able to take this medical marijuana, she says they'll finally be able to enjoy life as a family, even something pamela says as simple as going to the grocery store with her son. that's something she can't do right now. if her son is able to take this special strain of medical marijuana he will be better and able to go out. something as simple as going to the store. that will be a great gift for her. >> pretty special. but you know, alina, some parents are saying, look, this law doesn't go far enough. that there's still ob tickles in place for parents to gain access to medical marijuana.
4:29 pm
tell us about that. >> well, you're right. there's a provision in the bill that christie supports that would still require parents to jump through some hoops to get this medical marijuana for their children. they would need a note from a psychiatrist and a pediatrician, and also a prescription from a qualifying doctor. now, there are about 250 qualifying doctors in the state of new jersey. pretty easy to find. however, some parents would argue, listen, my son or daughter has epilepsy. it would be one thing if you say you need add note from a neurologist, but why make us go through all of these hoops? that's something they say they're going to fight down the line. you can bet they will. >> absolutely. alina cho, thank you. >> you bet. and dr. sanjay gupta, watch


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